Congratulations and welcome to motherhood!

Breastfeeding is a mothers’ instinctive and natural way of providing the nutrients required for baby’s growth and development.

Human babies require high levels of lactose for appropriate brain development, and low amounts of protein for their immature digestive systems. The brain of a human baby will triple in weight in the first two years to achieve 80% of it’s final size. This is why the World Health Organization and UNICEF recommend breastfeeding for up to two years of age, especially exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of baby’s life.

However, breastfeeding is a complex process requiring maturation, learning and ideal conditions for the mother as well as the infant.

Breastfeeding rates decline to 46% at four months and to 14% exclusive breastfeeding at six months when most women initiate breastfeeding in Australia. Advanced BF Solutions can provide individual assessment, education and preparation antenatally for successful breastfeeding, and ongoing breastfeeding support postnatally until weaning.

Akiko Nagasawa

I am a registered midwife and a member of the ‘International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants’ (IBCLC).

I also hold a Certificate of Breast Massage Therapy which was developed in Japan. This is an evidence-based practice, and a very advanced proven aid to assist with breastfeeding.

The combination of extensive study of Lactation Consultancy and Tsutumi Method breast massage will not only improve breastfeeding, but also increase breast milk supply, prevent blocked ducts and breast engorgement, and improve the shape of your nipples and softness of your areolas and breast tissue. As a result, your baby will be able to latch on to your breast more easily and will draw breast milk with a lot less difficulty.

I offer the following services to support you in establishing and maintaining a positive breastfeeding experience

  • Antenatal Breastfeeding Education. This will minimise anxiety and breastfeeding difficulties, and will help mothers to achieve a stronger relationship with their babies.
  • Postnatal Consultations. Ideal for mothers wanting an assessment, for troubleshooting breastfeeding problems and improving breast milk supply.
  • Weaning Treatment. For mothers needing assistance with breast milk suppression.

My aim is to support mothers to establish individual solutions until the time when baby is weaned off breastfeeding. I am happy for you to call or email me to discuss your needs, and if you like we can arrange for a consultation at my office, via video consultation using Zoom, or in your home to further explore your concerns.

Please note: My office is located at 60 Wright Road, Queensland 4881. Home visits may attract additional costs dependent on travel distance. For your convenience, I can provide Zoom video consultations.

Feedback from happy mums

Hi Akiko, hope you are well! Hugo wanted to tell you he cracked the 5kg mark! He’s 9 weeks tomorrow and breastfeeding like a champ now – just one formula bottle before bed with dad but no top ups at all now for ages! He’s chunking up nicely!

Good Morning Akiko! I was wondering if I might be able to book in to see you or get some advice. Hugo is 4 months old and thriving. His latch is fine! But we continue to let him have formula in a bottle in the late afternoon and early evening and this has at times lead to formula during the day if he is unsettled – I think he is developing a bottle preference and doesn’t want to work for it in the evening. He still breastfeeds regularly throughout the day and has lots of wet nappies. I try to avoid formula unless someone is looking after him or he’s screaming and I’ve run out of options which is not often at all, so I wouldn’t say I’m drying up, just feel like I need a boost! Would love to see you again!

Hi Akiko! We wanted to tell you we are 8 months in and going strong! My supply is still really good and he feeds ALL night long. Thank you for all your help along the way. Our biggest challenge now is biting. He has 6 teeth – the bottom two caused some biting but eased off when the teeth stopped hurting. The top four have come through all at once so he is biting my nipples constantly. I am trying to be patient and just tell him no and take him off for a bit and also trying to feed when he wakes up rather than feed to sleep. Any other suggestions are welcome. P.S we just loved your place at Koah and the Japanese meal you made with us. Thank you for that wonderful afternoon. If you ever decide to do air bnb we will be the first to come and stay!

~ Lucinda

I was in a place of defeat when I contacted Akiko. I had been trying to work with Doctors and Pediatricians to identify and solve an issue that arose for my daughter including multiple explosive poos per day, excessive urination, poor sleep and general “colic”. All symptoms that doctors suggested a food intolerance such as CMPI (cows milk protein intolerance). So I set about removing offending items from my diet. This began with removal of Dairy and Soy. After 6 weeks with no improvement and further research I removed Wheat, corn, eggs, gluten, coconut, nuts from my diet with no real consistent improvements despite no slip ups. It was so difficult.

Before seeing Akiko I had engaged with a Lactation consultant through the public health system who suggested that our issue may have arisen from a breast milk over supply and over active letdown which creates a problem known as “Lactose Overload”. True oversupply is rare, doctors, nurses and even lactation consultants either do not acknowledge it as an issue at all or are extremely dubious. However my case seemed to fit the literature. Unfortunately, the public consultant could only provide me with some brief general instruction and a few printouts before sending me on my way.

Background- in her first 3 months of life my baby was gaining over 300g per week until she started presenting with explosive liquid, green poop then graduated to mucous and blood in her stool. At this point her weight gain slowed as her stomach was being stopped by the excess sugars/lactose. This was still occurring despite removal of dairy and soy at 8 weeks. I was also battling engorgement daily at 4 months and had had to take drastic measures to manage blocked ducts on many occasions.

Before meeting with Akiko I had trialed block feeding as suggested by the public health LC but I was extremely nervous of ruining my supply or doing it wrong that none of my efforts alone yielded consistent results. However where removing food proteins from my diet had not helped at all, days in which I wasn’t battling engorgement seemed to give consistent improvements in my babies digestion, output and disposition. I was starting to become concerned that my breastfeeding journey would come to an end much sooner than I had hoped.

I contacted Akiko when my daughter was around 5 months and after a very in depth consultation I finally felt heard and supported. She was able to diagnose a lip and tongue tie and provide active support with positioning, attachment and exercises to help us overcome this as a barrier. This support also meant that we did not have to seek laser revision which would have been very traumatic for a baby of that age. She also assisted me in developing a block feeding regime to suit my continued over supply. She checked in with me to ensure that we did not create a negative reduction in supply. Our appointments were always comprehensive. She took into account all factors giving me manageable and realistic strategies to help control the oversupply, improve my daughter’s latch, improve my daughter’s sleep. Within a few days we saw results. And thanks to Akiko’s follow up I have been able to manage the ongoing issues created by the oversupply, ties and continue our breastfeeding journey.

Thanks to Akiko my daughter and I were able to celebrate 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, in which time my daughter never took a single bottle.

We overcame oversupply, breast refusal, attachment and positioning issues despite ties, sleep disturbance, colic and multiple cases of blocked ducts. Akiko was able to provide prompt assistance in applying her breast massage techniques to prevent me from getting mastitis as a result of a badly blocked duct.

I was dubious and nervous on the breast massage initially and thought it might be confronting or invasive. But Akiko is a true professional and makes you feel completely at ease. The benefits of this service are incredible for both oversupply and especially under-supply. I highly recommend this to those who require it.

My daughter and I are about to celebrate 8 months and hoping to continue through until self weaning whenever that day comes. In the meantime I will continue to see Akiko on a regular schedule and take advantage of the incredible benefits afforded by the breast massage. For me these benefits mean being able to monitor my supply, identify narrow ducts, and practical working strategies to reduce the risk of ongoing blocked ducts, create even supply as one breast out performs the other (increase one breast while reducing the other- Amazing skills!) ongoing support to manage the over supply which continues to present as an issue as my daughter’s intake decreases.

With gratitude I highly recommend Akiko’s service. She is comprehensive, person centred, empathic and very professional and is not a revolving door practitioner, your needs will be heard and met. My only regret is that I had not contacted her sooner!

I honestly can not thank you enough Akiko, you saved our breastfeeding journey 💚🙏