Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparations

Becoming pregnant is an exciting time, but it can cause anxiety for many women.

I am fascinated with the female body, how it changes and how it returns to it’s pre-pregnant condition. Breastfeeding is an essential part of these changes and the return to pre-pregnancy health.

Pregnancy hormones slow down your metabolism. Hence, pregnancy sometimes induces endocrine complications such as gestational diabetes, which may trigger Type 2 Diabetes. Breastfeeding reactivates metabolism gradually bringing it back to pre-pregnancy levels.

Some women may already have conditions such as chronic endocrine dysfunction or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Others may have differently shaped nipples – they may be flat, inverted or larger than average, or the areola may be very small. These pre-existing conditions may cause breastfeeding difficulties leading to insufficient breast milk supply.

I bring a sensitive and professional approach to supporting you throught any challenges you face throughout your pregnancy and breast feeding journey.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education is ideal for first time mothers, mothers who have had difficulty breastfeeding in the past or those who have developed gestational diabetes.

This most important education includes:.

Pre-consultation questionnaire

Basic newborn feeding education including breast anatomy and hormone functions

Personal consultation including examination of your breasts where we will identify any pre-existing breastfeeding challenges such as flat or inverted nipples

Discussion of your newborn feeding plans and antenatal self-treatment if necessary

This session is designed to establish your confidence, understanding of your breasts and knowledge of basic breastfeeding technique and baby’s feeding cues.

Please note:

I provide phone / SMS / messaging / email support after the consultations, at no additional cost, for an unlimited time with your purchase

24 hours notice is kindly requested prior to cancellation or rescheduling of appointments

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