Postnatal Consultations

94% of breastfeeding problems experienced by mothers are the result of incorrect positioning and latch-on (Richard: 1998).

For correct attachment, the mother holds her infant cradled beneath the breast, facilitates comfortable positioning of the baby for easy latching on to her breast with a wide-gaped mouth. The infant will form a teat from the nipple and a large portion of the areola, which will reach to the end of the hard palate.

The flexible and elastic breast tissue facilitates optimal lengthening of the breast and nipple to achieve comfortable (painless) breastfeeding.

This initial consultation focuses on maternal and infant positioning and latching-on, observing your baby while feeding and examining your breasts, nipples and areolas. It is important to book this appointment about 30 minutes before your baby’s feeding time, or to only feed your baby for a short time before the appointment if needed.

Correct positioning of baby when beginning breastfeeding helps to achieve optimal attachment

The session includes:.

Pre-consultation questionnaire and detailed history

Personal 1:1 consultation where I will observe your baby while feeding

Examination of your breasts, nipples and areola

Creation of a personalised feeding plan tailored to meet your baby’s needs and your goals

Instruction in self-massage techniques prior to breastfeeding

This session is designed to establish your confidence, understanding of your breasts and knowledge of basic breastfeeding technique and baby’s feeding cues.

Breast Massage

Some mothers may need further assistance due to their different nipple shapes, such as inverted nipples, flat nipples, hard nipples and/or large nipples.

They may develop difficulty achieving a deep latch which can cause insufficient breast-milk supply, damaged nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis.

I spent 12 months of intense study at the institute of Tsutumi-Method breast massage in Japan. This massage therapy focuses on mothers’ nipples and surrounding tissue by using the ARNDT-SCHULZ rule:

weak stimuli activates physiological process, moderate stimuli inhibits, and very strong stimuli terminates.

What does this mean?

First of all, Breast Massage with weak stimuli will increase blood supply to the breast and nipple to stimulate milk supply and nipple elasticity. Your breasts are softer and nipples stretch, so that your baby can latch to your breast easier and better. It will also help babies with tongue tie and lip tie.

Secondly, moderate stimuli but comfortable massage will suppress your milk supply. This may help mothers with over supply of breast milk and whose babies are suffering from lactose overdose.

Finally, strong stimuli but comfortable massage with compression techniques will terminate secretion of breast-milk for weaning off breast feeding.

I was dubious and nervous on the breast massage initially and thought it might be confronting or invasive. But Akiko is a true professional and makes you feel completely at ease. The benefits of this service are incredible for both oversupply and especially under-supply. I highly recommend this to those who require it.

I will continue to see Akiko on a regular schedule and take advantage of the incredible benefits afforded by the breast massage. For me these benefits mean being able to monitor my supply, identify narrow ducts, and practical working strategies to reduce the risk of ongoing blocked ducts, create even supply as one breast out performs the other (increase one breast while reducing the other- Amazing skills!) ongoing support to manage the over supply which continues to present as an issue as my daughter’s intake decreases.

With gratitude I highly recommend Akiko’s service. She is comprehensive, person centred, empathic and very professional and is not a revolving door practitioner, your needs will be heard and met. My only regret is that I had not contacted her sooner!

~ Amber

Please note:

I provide phone / SMS / messaging / email support after the consultations, at no additional cost, for an unlimited time with your purchase

24 hours notice is kindly requested prior to cancellation or rescheduling of appointments

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