Weaning Treatment

By now you’ve learned that breastfeeding will lower your risk of developing depression, obesity, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and breast and ovarian cancers. However, did you know that breast cancer rates in Australia are 1 in 7 (compared to 1 in 8 in the US and 1 in 11 in Japan)? Some women develop mastitis 6 months after weaning, and lumps may appear on breast-screening tests if not treated properly.

Suppression massage therapy will drain un-absorbed breast milk from deep in the glandular tissues to help return the breast to pre-pregnancy condition.

The benefits of this treatment in future pregnancy and later life include:

  1. Avoiding painful or uncomfortable sensations which may be caused by un-absorbed breastmilk.
  2. Reduction in hardening of glandular tissue due to un-absorbed breastmilk that may cause blocking of the ductal network.
  3. Prevention of insufficient milk supply.
  4. Reduction in lumps that can cause mastitis after weaning and may incorrectly indicate breast cancer.

This suppression course requires two to three sessions, two to three weeks apart, depending on the volume of your supply. Suppression massage treatments can continue after the initial weaning treatments.

Additional treatment may be necessary to complete the weaning process if your secretions are high.

At the end of the treatment you will be instructed in how to check your breasts for lumps.

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